Welcome Prospective & Renewing Members!

AASN has several classes or options for membership in Alabama's ONLY professional school nursing organization. Classes of membership are listed and described below:

       Active Member

(1) Any professional nurse registered in the State of Alabama, upon the payment of dues, shall be an active member provided he or she is contracted for, or employed by, an agency for the purpose of providing school health services and or supporting school health.

(2) Unless otherwise specified in AASN bylaws, active member(s) have full rights and obligations to vote, debate, hold office, serve on committees, pay dues, attend meetings, and any other rights, obligations, or duties normally afforded members of a deliberative organization.

       Associate Member

Any allied health professional, professional registered nurse, or person interested in supporting the goals and purposes of the AASN, who is not eligible for active membership, upon the payment of dues, shall be an associate member with all rights, obligations, and duties of active members except chairing committees, voting and holding office.

       Retired School Nurse Member

Any AASN member who retires and notifies the Association, shall be exempt from paying dues and shall enjoy all the rights, obligations, and duties of active members except chairing committees, voting, and holding office.

       Honorary Member

Upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors and a majority vote of the members present and voting at an annual meeting, honorary membership may be bestowed on any individual who supports the goals and purposes of AASN and such members shall enjoy all rights, obligations, and duties of active members except chairing committees, voting, holding office, and paying dues.

       Additional Membership Information

Dues: Annual membership dues are set at the annual meeting. Membership is based on a 12 month calendar. Any member, regardless of class, whose dues are delinquent, forfeits all rights of his/her membership class until such time dues owed are paid.

Districts: There are seven AASN districts.  The State of Alabama is divided into seven (7) geographical areas which are designated as districts.  Each district is represented by a District Chairman, appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Committee, which serves on the Board of Directors. AASN membership dues also includes membership in the appropriate district.

Retired Members: AASN does not charge you for your membership, after you join, please email Lee Roberson, Membership Chair to let us know, so we can activate your membership. (paid memberships are activated with payment)

For more information about joining AASN, email us at  

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RN Active         $35.00

LPN Associate  $20.00

If you are a Renewing Member, and do not remember your password, please follow the directions below:

  1. Click on the Member Center, enter the email address you provided AASN in the "Forgot Username or Password" box, and then check your email for your password which will be sent to you.
  2. Once you receive your password, login and you will be prompted to Edit your Profile (where you may change your password).
  3. Once you have completed that process, you will be directed to the online pay process.

  • If you renewed your membership at the last Annual Conference, and we have your correct email address on file, you should have received a seperate email with directions for how to proceed with updating your Member Profile.  If you need help logging in to your Member Center, please contact our Website Manager, Lee Roberson, at